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Check out our white paper on “Reduction of False Alarm Rates in Microwave PIDs Systems” here


Precision Beam Intelligent Microwave Fence Solution

Sensurity is dedicated to raising the standards for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) on a global basis. We pioneer and patent intelligent security systems with high levels of intelligence and unparalleled durability.

Sensurity systems provide reliable and intelligent ways of detecting intruders.The company uses advances in digital microwave technology and expertise in signal processing to create perimeter security solutions that deliver maximum detection while minimising nuisance alarms.

Our new product HALO has been designed with the following philosophy


HALO can adapt to changing environmental conditions. It intelligently reduces nuisance alarms and has the narrowest possible trigger zone while maintaining peripheral awareness


HALO offers the lowest cost of system installation in its class. It requires the smallest installation footprint and has a low maintenance requirement


HALO simply integrates with any system, it provides secure data routing for peripheral sensors, maintains system integrity using robust authentication, and offers secure channel communication


HALO is hardened to operate in tough environments. It is weather proof, temperature tolerant, and vandal resistant. Continuously and rigorously tested and has attained the toughest Certified Standards

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