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Integrated Perimeter Security System

Hardware Integrations

Integrating HALO with physical barriers, CCTV cameras, lighting and sound alarms optimises your whole security system with increased detection probability and drastically decreased false alarm rates.

1. Delay using physical barriers

Security Fences and Walls

While physical barriers are somewhat effective as an intrusion deterrent, they are easy to avoid. Vibration sensors trigger an alarm in the case of climbing or cutting attempts but, at approximately three metres maximum height, the whole barrier can often be jumped over with the help of a tall vehicle.

HALO’s detection zone can reach up to ten metres in height and cannot be seen or felt by intruders, making it practically impossible to avoid.

When deployed together, HALO and physical barriers are the perfect team of visible deterrent and invisible detection.

2. Detect intruders with Sensurity smart radar perimeter detection

You want to know immediately if an intruder has entered your grounds, so you need a Perimeter Intruder Detection System.

Having intruder detection equipment deeper within your grounds only decreases the time you have to respond to intruder alerts. In a worst-case scenario where you have intruder alarms inside your building, it is likely already too late to apprehend an intruder before they do damage.

Sensurity HALO boasts more accurate detection and smaller installation requirements than competing perimeter intruder detection systems.

3. Deter intruders from proceeding using sound alarms & security lighting triggered by Sensurity's intruder detection.

Due to the unreliable detection rates of thermal and infrared cameras, especially in adverse weather, camera-based security systems often require bright lights to ensure continued detection at night. This is a concern for light pollution and also increases your installation footprint and maintenance requirements.

HALO can be integrated with security lights (strobe or steady) which are only activated in the event of an intrusion. These lights work as a deterrent to the intruder and allow CCTV cameras to verify and collect evidence.

4. Verify the intrusion using responsive Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras which automatically hone in on the intrusion site identified by Sensurity intruder detection.

CCTV cameras are great for verifying intrusions remotely and collecting evidence.

For intruder detection, there is an inherent high false alarm rate with thermal or motion detector cameras, and video analytic software. These methods are also liable to completely miss intruders, particularly in bad weather and lighting. Also, it is practically impossible to cover even a small site with CCTV cameras without leaving some blind spots.

HALO accurately fills the gap left by cameras by providing the highest detection probability and lowest false alarm rate on the market – two things cameras cannot do.

HALO then directs the PTZ camera to the area of intrusion. This enables remote verification of the intrusion, leading to a decrease in manned responses to false alarms, and increases the efficiency of video evidence collection.

5. Respond to alarms using manned patrols. Sensurity's exceptionally low false alarm rate ensures heightened productivity for manned patrols.

Sensurity’s exceptionally low false alarm rate optimises your manned patrols’ time. A 99.9% probability of detection, and a range of alert options through your chosen Security Management Platform ensure a patrol is swiftly on the way to the right place. Examples include text message, phone call, email or desktop alerts.

6. Prosecute through evidence collected by pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Sensurity radar detection triggers PTZ cameras the moment an intruder enters the perimeter, ensuring full visual verification of criminal activity.

Software Integrationss

Sensurity products can easily integrate with all major security management systems and other security software including:

Genetec Security Centre

Security Centre by Genetec is the unified security platform that blends third party security systems within a single interface to simplify your operations.

As the most reliable perimeter intruder detection system on the market, dual-technology HALO can be used as the primary method of intruder detection.

Sensurity’s HALO products can be integrated with a range of additional perimeter detection technologies including access control, video surveillance, sound and lighting alarms, communications and analytics.

This significant new integration means that you can monitor and maintain all these integrated systems using one software interface.

Security Centre empowers your organisation through enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control, and connectivity to the cloud.


If you think there’s a “slight chance” HALO can save your site from malicious intruders, you should sign up for installation today.

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If it isn’t right for you, email us at [email protected] within 90 days of installation and we’ll uninstall the system and give you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

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