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Intelligent Perimeter Surveillance Radar

VIGIL is a perimeter surveillance radar system for intruder detection.

VIGIL has all the advanced radar signal analytics of HALO for the same impressively low false alarm rate, but without the infrared deadzone coverage.

This makes VIGIL a great cost-effective option for applications  with open, sterile spaces which require high probability of detection and low false alarm rates.

99.9% Probability of detection


save time & money


Microwave Beam Deadzones

This diagram shows a ground-level view of a microwave perimeter intruder detection system.

Microwave sensor beams are cigar shaped as shown in blue on the right-hand diagram. The red areas are detection deadzones.


Bird’s-Eye View

Single-technology microwave radar PID systems such as Sensurity VIGIL require microwave sensor beams to be overlapped to cover deadzones, while Sensurity HALO incorporates infrared laser detectors for back-to-back deployment.


The smallest installation footprint of a single-technology microwave radar perimeter intruder detection system.

While traditional radar beams can only be as long as they are wide, Sensurity VIGIL can create a 200m long beam that is only 2m wide.

Invisible wall of detection up to 10m in height.

Up to 200m between transmitter device and receiver device.

The intruder detection beam can be as narrow as 2m.

Intelligent Perimeter Security

Digital Signal Processing is used to determine whether the digital signature belongs to an intruder or a false alarm, ensuring a drastically reduced nuisance alarm rate.

Intelligent Surveillance

On installation, the system examines the environment and continuously self-calibrates to account for factors such as growing foliage or vegetation, weather conditions and standing water.


Any attempt to physically interfere with a VIGIL device will trigger an alarm. VIGIL operates between -40 and 65ºC and is  IP65 certified to be impervious to dust and water up to direct, high-pressure jets. 

Wind and rain do not affect the reliability of the system to detect and differentiate between intruders and false alarms.

Sensurity’s HALO operates at the lowest radar frequency on the market (5.8 GHz), which significantly reduces the sensitivity of the system to foliage, small animals, weather effects and interference from other systems.

The sensor ‘sees’ clearer. For example, a drop of rain ‘looks’ 293 time bigger to a system operating at 24 GHz, than one at 5.8 GHz.


We get to know our customers, your site and your operations inside-out before we make expert recommendations on your security needs.

Based on a full perimeter security audit of your site we will recommend the right mixture of HALO and VIGIL units to best provide:

Full intruder detection coverage   ✔

Smallest possible installation footprint   ✔

Value for money   ✔


If you think there’s a “slight chance” HALO can save your site from malicious intruders, you should enquire about installation today.

You can try HALO and see if it’s right for your site over 90 days. No guess work needed. Use the system and see for yourself.

If it isn't right for you, email us at [email protected] within 90 days of installation and we’ll uninstall the system and give you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

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