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PIDS Configuration & Alarm Management Platform

Sensurity UNIVERSE is a software platform that comes as standard with all Sensurity radar perimeter security systems.

Remote Alerts

Receive intruder alerts by telephone call and SMS text message, anywhere in the world where you have phone signal.

Mobile Response

View and respond to intruder alarms (current or historical) on any device with an internet browser. Includes desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Intrusion Location

View the location of the Sensurity devices which detected the intrusion, overlaid onto Google maps, to assist in faster validation and detainment.

Remote Configuration

Remotely configure your Sensurity devices from anywhere that you can access an internet browser. You can change algorithms and calibrate sensitivity.

User Roles

Assign and manage a number of user roles and privileges to ensure all members of your team have access to the tools they need, without risking high-level information.

Sensurity UNIVERSE comes as standard with every sensurity PIDS system.

Available in five languages and built on Microsoft’s newest technology stack for unrivalled performance, UNIVERSE helps you reduce time and money spent configuring your PIDS and managing alarms.