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Rapid Deployment Perimeter Intruder Detection

Robust perimeter protection wherever you need it,

whenever you need it.

All the advanced, highly reliable intruder detection found in your permanent HALO detectors:

99.9% Probability of detection


save time & money


With cutting-edge added features to optimise security for temporary and/or rapid applications:

Superfast 45 minute set-up

for 100m x 100m

Wireless 4G communications

Battery powered

lasting 24 hours per battery

Extra durable

to withstand repeated set-up, dismantling and transportation

Automatic activation;

Just turn it on and the radar is active immediately

No requirement for

permanent infrastructure

Features of Rapid Deployment Microwave and Infrared Intruder Detection

No deadzones or blindspots

Practically impossible to get over, under or around

Highly accurate

Unaffected by levels of light, weather, foliage or small animals

How It Works

Ground-Level View

Sensurity’s first-of-its-kind dual-technology system uses infrared detection (red) to cover the gaps left by the microwave radar detection beam (blue), resulting in an unbroken wall of detection up to 10m in height.

Bird’s-Eye View

A bird’s-eye view of Sensurity’s dual-technology system in a back-to-back configuration VS a single-technology system in its required overlap configuration.

SenServe Mobile Security Management System Built-In

Rugged boxed laptop computer running Sensurity UNIVERSE software for onsite and remote system configuration.

Rugged handheld tablet devices running Sensurity UNIVERSE for remote alarm management and response, including alarm location map overlay.

Rapid Deployment Intruder Alarm Applications

Glastonbury festival gatecrashers climb a physical security barrier.

Crowd control and outdoor events:

  • Music festivals and concerts
  • Sports events
  • Political events

High value mobile assets:

  • Aerospace
  • Maritime
  • Military

Emergency response, unsafe areas and vacant property:

  • Emergency services
  • Local councils
  • Facilities managers
  • Health and safety consultants


  • Railway
  • Maritime


Game Reserves & Poaching Operations

Construction and demolition


Environmental remediation

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