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Smart Radar Perimeter Detection

HALO is a high-security intruder alarm system,

which uses advanced radar signal analytics to increase detection rates to 99.9% probability,

and drastically decrease false alarm rates.

The HALO perimeter alarm system provides the most accurate and reliable intruder alerts, saving you time and money on responding to nuisance alarms, and giving you peace of mind and complete confidence in your perimeter intruder detection system (PIDS) against malicious intruders.

99.9% Probability of detection


small installation footprint



What Makes HALO Smart?

Cutting Edge Technology #1 – Intelligent Surveillance

Any physical presence in the HALO detection zone disturbs the radar wave travelling between the transmitter and the receiver.

Sensurity’s HALO operates at the lowest radar frequency on the PIDS market (5.8 GHz), which significantly reduces the sensitivity of the system to foliage, small animals, weather effects and interference from other systems.

The sensor ‘sees’ clearer. For example, a drop of rain ‘looks’ 293 time bigger to a system operating at 24 GHz, than one at 5.8 GHz.

Then Digital Signal Processing is used to intelligently decide whether the waveform signature belongs to an intruder or not:

On installation, the security system examines the environment and continuously self-calibrates to account for factors such as growing foliage or vegetation, weather conditions and standing water.


  • Intruders walking, running, crawling or rolling
  • Intruders moving as slow as 0.03 m/s
  • Intruders moving through foliage
  • Vehicles
  • Rapid temperature change indicative of fire
  • Tamper attempts

Not Alarmed

  • Shaking or growing foliage and trees
  • Small animals and birds
  • Small moving objects (thrown or caught in the wind)
  • Weather – Rain, snow, fog and wind

Cutting Edge Technology #2 – Antennae Design

Traditionally, radar antennae are only able to produce a detection beam that is as wide as it is long.

HALO’s innovative antenna design gives it the unique ability to project a tall, thin beam resulting in a perimeter alarm zone up to 10m in height, 200m in length and as narrow as 2m. This allows your perimeter protection system to fit along roadsides, hedgerows, fences and walkways.

Other perimeter security radar solutions can only reach this height by stacking the radar sensors, which could double or triple your installation and maintenance spend.

Cutting Edge Technology #3 – Dual-Technology Radar and Infrared

HALO is a one-box dual technology perimeter intruder detection system. It combines cutting edge radar sensors with robust active infrared sensors (AIR). The combination of radar and  laser detectors provides an unbroken invisible fence of detection, with no gaps or overlap, to:

  • Decrease the number of units needed, therefore saving time and money on installation and maintenance,
  • Decrease the installation footprint to optimise useable space within your site.

Ground-Level View

Sensurity’s first-of-its-kind dual-technology system uses infrared detection (red) to cover the gaps left by the microwave radar detection beam (blue), resulting in an unbroken wall of detection up to 10m in height.

Bird’s-Eye View

A bird’s-eye view of Sensurity’s dual-technology system in a back-to-back configuration VS a single-technology system in its required overlap configuration.

Fully Integrated Perimeter Security Systems

Following an in-depth assessment of your site(s), our HALO solution arrives fully customised to your needs, including:

  • Integration and setup of Sensurity UNIVERSE Security Management System as standard
  • Integration with your existing Security Management System
  • Integration with a full range of additional perimeter protection products such as Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, lighting and sound alarms.

Spoof-Proof PIDS System

Tamper and Vandal Proof

Any attempt to physically interfere with a HALO device will trigger an alarm.

Hack Proof

Protected by OSDP access control communications standard, AES 128-bit encryption and anti-cloning measures.

Outdoor Weather Proof

HALO  operates between -40 and 65 degrees celsius and is  IP65 certified to be impervious to dust and water up to direct, high-pressure jets.

Avoidance Proof

It is practically impossible to get over, under or around HALO’s 10m high invisible detection zone.


If you think there’s a “slight chance” HALO can save your site from malicious intruders, you should enquire about installation today.

You can try HALO and see if it’s right for your site over 90 days. No guess work needed. Use the system and see for yourself.

If it isn't right for you, email us at [email protected] within 90 days of installation and we’ll uninstall the system and give you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

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