We have built our new application for all your configuration and security management needs. This new application has the same core functionality as the old application and a list of new and exciting features. On top of this, it is infinitely more stable and is built on Microsoft's newest technology stack. This isn't just a configuration tool anymore it is a security management platform.

Sensurity Universe Web

1. Manage users, roles and user roles
2. Manage services
3. Manage networks
4. Manage devices.
5. View location of devices on google maps with smart alarm alerts.
6. Switch between GPS enabled (Live accurate location) and GPS disabled (Inaccurate manually dragged markers)
7. The interactive user interface where you can drag and drop networks and devices anywhere on the screen allowing you to easily pair devices.
8. Visual indicators to show which devices are a pair and alert a user to an intrusion on google maps.
9. An audio indication of intrusion indicating which device an alarm has occurred and the type of alarm.
10. Switch to a language of your choice with ease now including German, Italian and Portuguese
11. View the application on any mobile device
12. View and manage alarms.
13. Upgrade firmware to add new functionality to devices
14. Check for updates and new releases
15. Built-in frequently asked questions section to aid troubleshooting
16. Built on C#, C++ and the latest version of ASP.NET core ensuring a solid foundation for years to come
17. Web based
18. SMS and phone call features to alert to intrusions
19. View and download application updates from the inside application
20. Update alarms remotely
21. Migrated to SQL Server
22. Improved performance

Note - When installing a new version, please uninstall Sensurity Universe Service and Sensurity Universe Web and then install the new version

Latest Development Release

Click the download button to get the latest development release version of Sensurity universe web


If you require support please visit our help desk and search our forum or submit a ticket


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