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Aug 16, 2019Education, News0 comments

More than $100K of rims and tyres were stolen from a Louisiana car dealership. Police say similar heists have taken place in other states.

As the manager of a car dealership in Louisiana was opening up the store this weekend, they discovered dozens of vehicles sitting on wooden blocks missing their tyres and rims.

In total, 124 tyres and rims were stolen on Saturday from the Matt Bowers Chevrolet dealership. The theft, caught on camera, showed two men sneaking on to the property in the early morning hours.

“They defeated locks, alarms, surveillance video, and went as far as to manipulate the exterior lights in the parking lot so they could work in the dark of the night, completely undetected,” police said.

Read the full story from CNN News here.

Sensurity CEO, Geoff Clarke commented, “Automobile products and services are a huge target for theft, from new-car dealerships to scrap yards. This is because the nature of these businesses result in them having a large perimeter that can be difficult to protect. Therefore the perimeter must be the strongest line of defence against intruders.

“Locks and physical barriers at an average of three metres in height are a deterrent at best – there will always be a way to get over, under or around them. CCTV cameras and motion detectors rely too much on favourable conditions such as good lighting and clear weather.”

Geoff outlined his top tips for car dealership perimeter security:

  1. Don’t settle for any less than 100% coverage, with no gaps and no overlap – With cameras and motion detectors, you would likely need hundreds of units to cover your whole perimeter. Any less and you’re leaving your business open to intruders. If you want to use cameras to  validate alarms and for evidence collection, it is best to connect Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras to an intruder detection system with zero deadzones.
  2. Don’t depend on favourable conditions – Ensure your security system is reliable in low lighting, fog, heavy rain and snow. Dual technology microwave radar and infrared systems are not affected by their environment.
  3. Clarify the installation footprint before you buy – When it comes to auto-services, space is money. You don’t want a system in which you need to leave a ten metre sterile zone between your perimeter and your stock.
  4. Get the system with the lowest false alarm rate – Too often alarm systems get themselves into a “Boy who cried wolf” scenario. With too many false alarms, security personnel begin to take all alarms less seriously.
  5. Check your perimeter security system has adequate measures installed against tampering, vandalism and hacking.

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