In today’s world there is an increasing trend to shift away from unsustainable sources of energy and move more towards renewables for generating energy like solar. However, the remaining issue holds that unlike large coal and gas-fired plants, solar panels can be lifted and carried away making it increasingly important to secure solar farms. Then, alongside the fact that it has become easier to resell solar equipment to large solar power subsidies it has become more attractive for thieves to steal solar panels from solar farms, 'article from financial times'.

In order to prevent theft and vandalism to these solar farms robust security has to be installed. Herein, it is important to note the size of the perimeter around the solar farm and sometimes the remoteness of the site from civilisation. The solutions Sensurity provides keeps these concerns into account as it is able to provide intelligent security to large perimeters around a site. In this, Sensurity provides Microwave Intrusion Detection Systems that deploy a ‘virtual wall’ of 200 meter in length and 10 meter in height per set, where it makes used of advanced detection software to differentiate intrusion types. Due to this detection intelligence, Sensurity’s systems can operate under heavy weather conditions, in extreme climates and do easily integrate with other intrusion alarms like CCTV.

solar farm perimeter security

Case Study COGIP Power solar farm


The problem

One of the solar farms of COGIP power was coping with weaknesses in its fencing security where intruders were able to climb over or under the fence within a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the solar farm was located in a remote area where the guarding company was more than a 40 minutes drives away.

Project requirements

COGIP needed a robust perimeter security solution that would immediately detect unauthorised intruders and consequently alarm to the control panel. In this, the environmental challenges consisted of unstable ground conditions due to occasional flooding, high temperatures, and long grass growing in the line of sight of the systems.

The solution

After visiting the site with our Italian distribution partner Decibel, we determined 6 VIGIL and 5 HALO Microwave Intrusion Detection Systems as best fit for the application. Not only are our systems to deploy a ‘virtual wall’ of 200 meter in length and 10 meter in height per set, but also are able to easily integrate with other intrusion alarms and provide reliable intrusion detection as a result of the intelligent software used in the systems.

The result

In the end, the COGIP group was highly satisfied with the solution as it gave detection capability to monitor the site 24/7 and required minimum maintenance and installation due to the intelligence of the systems.