The ideal railway security solution

Railways have an important role in today's society where its use does not only serve as an efficient way for citizens to commute to work every day but also for value transport of containers and commodities. In addition to protecting citizens and high-value cargo on railways, perimeter security is also needed to protect the railway infrastructure that contains high-value assets like copper but also should guarantee the safety of railway passengers.

As railway infrastructure can extend to very large areas, it is most important to look at the areas that most need protection. These most often include areas of the railway where high-value cargo wagons are parked but also include new railway projects. In order to protect these assets, a reliable but also temporary solution has to be deployed where integration with CCTV and direct communication to a security service panel would be optimal. Sensurity's HALO microwave intrusion detection system delivers on these needs where our HALO system can be easily installed and delivers intelligent detection over an area of 200 meters in length and 10 meters in height per set. On top of that, it removes dead zones as it uses two types of detection, infra-red and radar technology and is in detection capability superior to other systems due to its smart algorithms and advanced software analytics. For more info view the HALO product 'here'.

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Our Microwave Detection Systems are easy to integrate with existing security infrastructure and require minimum downtime of your security set-up. Possible ways to Link our HALO unit are, POE, RS485, relay integration and CAT 5/6.

Full dead zone coverage

Our Microwave Detection Systems are one-box dual technology systems, combining state of the art digital microwave technology and robust active IR detection. The Alert Zone can be up to 200m in length for each link, 10m in height and as narrow as 1m in width at optimal deployment.

Cost efficient

Through the systems intelligent algorithms, signal analytics, and self-calibrating ability, the cost of maintenance is decreased significantly. Through precision detection and analytics, false alarms can be filtered and only valid intrusions are transferred through.