Nowadays it is vital to take proper perimeter security proportions to tackle crime related to distribution and logistics centres. Herein, it is especially relevant for the logistics centre as it handles high-value assets across the value chain. Without proper perimeter security systems in place, companies may experience large monetary losses or significant downtime in business operations as a result of burglaries and theft to these high-value assets.

Sensurity has proven itself worthy of delivering advanced perimeter security systems to protect and prevent intruders from accessing valuable assets and operations. Unlike other security providers, Sensurity focusses on securing a perimeter through advanced microwave intrusion detection systems, that easily go in parallel with CCTV and fencing. Because of this, logistics centres can benefit from 24/7 detection where advanced radar technology is used to control different intrusion types, cover an area up to 200 meter in length and 10 meter in height per link, and is easily installed on site. 
logistics and distribution perimeter security

Case Study logistics centre in Sweden


The problem

The Katrineholms Kommun Logistics Centre in Sweden was in need of a robust perimeter security solution after experiencing a range of false alarms, vandalism, and unauthorised entries along its perimeter.

Our approach

First of all, we signalled our distribution partner in Sweden, Områdesskyddsgruppen AB, who met with the client to conduct a critical analysis on the site security. After indicating the weak spots of the perimeter, the distributor contacted us to discuss about a suitable solution for the client.

Project requirements

Set VIGIL microwave intrusion detection systems for 150 meter section of the perimeter.

Solution for the client

After indicating the project requirements, Sensurity’s VIGIL system was found suitable and installation began. Consecutively, VIGIL was installed and connected to a GSM dialler which automatically alerts to the security management team to unauthorised entry if the security boundary is breached.


After successful installation of the 150 meter link, 3 unauthorised persons were detected and arrested by local authorities. As a consequence, the client requested further expansion of its perimeter security by VIGIL through ordering the same solution for an additional 650 meter. Currently, the solution is responsible for securing 850 meters of the logistics centre perimeter where it has proven to meet the requirements of the client.