Microwave Detection Systems in Transportation Markets 

Transportation infrastructure and facilities play an important role in today's economy. On a day-to-day basis they transport high value assets and are prone to attacks and thefts when protected poorly. Therefore, transportation infrastructure and facilities require robust perimeter security solutions that block unauthorised events and provide 24/7 security around the perimeter.


In addition, these layers of security should ignore false alarms but bring along maximum detection. Our perimeter intrusion detection systems maintain this standard of security. Hence, ultimate security is guaranteed for airports, ferry terminals, public roads, rail systems, harbors, tunnels and bridges. HALO and VIGIL are proven to raise the standard of perimeter security in markets worldwide and are available for sale. Have a look at our products page to learn more.

Amsterdam perimeter security

Case Studies

A ferry terminal at Amsterdam Port was required to prevent small boats entering or leaving the terminal entrance without permission while not alarming when large (permitted) boats entered or exited. Find out more about this case study through 'this link'.

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