Microwave Detection Systems in Residential Markets 

Sensurity ensures maximum perimeter security for residential properties and civil facilities. Gated communities need reliable perimeter security solutions to protect themselves against burglaries, theft and other attacks. Although the number of burglaries and thefts in have dropped significantly in the last decade (Eurostat, 2017), the number of offences can still be reduced. A solution may be sought in an integrated perimeter detection solution that bears in mind detection sensitivity and reduction of false alarms.

Microwave Intrusion Detection Systems from Sensurity provide the ultimate security for personal properties and civil facilities. Our systems, HALO and VIGIL use advanced microwave technology and digital signal processing. In addition to being capable of integrating with a fencing or CCTV solution, our microwave detection systems require minimum maintenance and installation. 

residential markets

Case Studies 

At a remote site with limited options to run power or data cables to the perimeter, perimeter protection of a 150m section of the perimeter along a fence was required. Although the fence was of poor quality and foliage and branches lay around the perimeter, HALO ensured optimal perimeter security. Read more about this case study through 'this link'.

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