Perimeter security for manufacturing facilities

Manufacturing is an important driver of today's economy where industrial and consumer goods are produced in large manufacturing facilities. Consequently, these manufacturing facilities are prone to criminal attacks that could pose a threat to valuable assets and personnel. Most facilities already have a solid security infrastructure in place where CCTV and fencing seem to lead the way in protecting the perimeter. However, as criminals become smarter CCTV and fencing seem to lack on reliability, where heavy weather conditions and environmental conditions could harm the detection reliability of the solution in place.

Therefore, Sensurity created advanced radar detection systems, also known as microwave intrusion detection systems to protect the perimeter of facilities. In this way, a set of systems can deploy a 'virtual detection wall' of up to 200 meters in length and 10 meters in height where the systems can operate under though weather conditions due to smart algorithms, self-calibration, and robust materials. For this reason, the systems provide unsurpassed detection technology where it delivers on cost-efficiency and integration for your additional layer of security. 

perimeter security systems manufacturing perimeter security

Cost efficient

Through the systems intelligent algorithms, signal analytics, and self-calibrating ability, the cost of maintenance is decreased significantly. Through precision detection and analytics, false alarms can be filtered and only valid intrusions are transferred through.

Full dead zone coverage

Our Microwave Detection Systems are one-box dual technology systems, combining state of the art digital microwave technology and robust active IR detection. The Alert Zone can be up to 200m in length for each link, 10m in height and as narrow as 1m in width at optimal deployment.


Our Microwave Detection Systems are easy to integrate with existing security infrastructure and require minimum downtime of your security set-up. Possible ways to Link our HALO unit are, POE, RS485, relay integration and CAT 5/6.