Microwave Detection Systems in Industrial Markets 

Most industrial sites are prone to attacks and burglaries when not taking the correct measures to protect a perimeter. Manufacturing facilities, automotive companies, pharmaceutical & chemical plants all need to safeguard the security of employees and premises during 24/7 operations. Today, there is an increasing requirement from Insurers for companies to "Detect" as well as "Protect"

Sensurity guarantees full perimeter protection with microwave detection systems capable of detecting intruders with advanced microwave technology. Our systems raise the standard for perimeter intrusion detection and are capable of operating in challenging environments while maintaining ultimate detection. Advances in smart algorithm, radar antenna and operating frequency guarantee full protection of the perimeter around your facility.

Industrial Perimeter Security

Case Studies 

One of our clients, the Almac Group, a drug development and manufacturing organisation providing integrated services to companies within the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors on a global scale, needed a sound perimeter security solution capable of detecting and alerting unwanted intruders.  Read more about how Sensurity solved the problem by clicking on 'this link'.

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