Perimeter security for schools

Education should be a country's main area of focus as it drives the future generations of talented workers. Besides organizing all the facilities and services needed to run a school, it should also think about safeguarding staff, students and faculty against potential threats. In recent years, there has been an increasing threat to students and staff as a result of school shootings primarily seen in the United States. Schools should be protected adequately where school authorities should mitigate risks associated with potential threats and thefts. Hereby, a school could either look at security around its perimeter or security directly along its building for this matter.

Sensurity comes with a solution that keeps out unwanted intruders with advanced microwave intrusion detection systems, also radar detection. In this way, Sensurity's products deploy a virtual wall that can be up to 200 meters in length and 10 meters in height. Through it's systems smart algorithms and unsurpassed software analytics, they are to keep out false alarms and provide ultimate detection probability. For the practical matter, our systems are easy to install and require low maintenance due to its advanced system technology, then there is also a possibility to integrate our systems with other intrusion detection systems like CCTV and cable detection for multiple layers of perimeter security.

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Our Microwave Detection Systems are easy to integrate with existing security infrastructure and require minimum downtime of your security set-up. Possible ways to Link our HALO unit are, POE, RS485, relay integration and CAT 5/6.

Full dead zone coverage

Our Microwave Detection Systems are one-box dual technology systems, combining state of the art digital microwave technology and robust active IR detection. The Alert Zone can be up to 200m in length for each link, 10m in height and as narrow as 1m in width at optimal deployment.

Cost efficient

Through the systems intelligent algorithms, signal analytics, and self-calibrating ability, the cost of maintenance is decreased significantly. Through precision detection and analytics, false alarms can be filtered and only valid intrusions are transferred through.