Microwave Detection Systems in Governmental Markets 

Our microwave intrusion detection systems provide ultimate perimeter security for government institutions. These could consist of university's, historical sites, police stations or national borders.

With Sensurity's advanced perimeter intrusion detection systems maximum security is guaranteed. Our systems are easy to integrate with a fencing or CCTV or other solution and provide that extra layer of security to detect intrusions with 99.9% detection probability. With alarm zone coverage of up to 200m in length for each link, 10m in height and as narrow as 1m in width for each link, they surpass conventional perimeter intrusion detection systems by generating a "Virtual Detection Wall" and bring along significant cost advantages given the total life span and maintenance of the product.

Government Perimeter Security

Case Studies 

A Skate Board Park run by Napier City Council (New Zealand) was plagued with vandalism and unauthorised entry after normal operating hours. Hence, the skate park needed a smart perimeter security solution to protect the park and reduce unwanted noise levels after hours. For more info about how Sensurity's Microwave Detection Systems solved this problem, continue to the case study through 'this link'.

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