Microwave Detection Systems in Construction Markets  

Construction sites and high-value buildings are common targets for burglaries and thefts. As attackers become smarter in their approach, construction sites and buildings need to raise their perimeter security standards.

A common pitfall in perimeter security for construction sites is the weakness of fencing solutions around the perimeter. Attackers can easily get over the fence or cut through. The Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems of Sensurity eradicate this problem to provide detection for 24/7 operations with minimum maintenance and low-cost installation.

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Case Studies 

Our partner Panoptech have installed our Microwave Detection Systems at RAK Ports in the United Arab Emirates. While successfully operating as an integrated perimeter security solution, Vigil has also proven to deliver stable detection under extreme temperatures in excess of 50 degree's centigrade. Read more about how Vigil overcame the project challenges involved through 'this link'.

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