The next generation of Intelligent Perimeter Intrusion Detection Software

Sensurity’s HALO system brings a new level of intelligence to Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS).

HALO is a one-box dual technology system, combining state of the art digital microwave technology and robust active IR detection.

Advanced signal analytics increase detection rates to offer the lowest false alarm rate in it’s class.

The Alert Zone can be up to 200m in length for each link, 10m in height and as narrow as 1m in width at optimal deployment.

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HALO continuously analyses transmitted microwave signals using a variety of adaptive Digital Signalling Processing (DSP) techniques that reduce nuisance alarms, narrow the Active alarm zone and adapt to environmental changes.

Adapts to Environmental change

On installation the system examines the environment and continuously self-calibrates to account for factors such as standing water, foliage, vegetation or weather conditions.

By continuously monitoring the signal any subsequent changes caused by rain, snow, and other weather conditions are considered and the system adapts to provide constant vigilance.

Future Proof

All HALO systems can be upgraded remotely, benefiting from future advances in Sensurity’s algorithm development.

Narrow Footprint

HALO can be installed along roadsides, hedge rows and close to fence lines due to it’s ”Narrow Active Alarm Zone” created by the DSP techniques employed and a proprietary antenna design.


IP65 Approved

IP65 Approved

Impact Resistant

Impact Resistant

Dust Resistant

Dust Resistant

Water Resistant

Water Resistant


HALO offers the lowest cost of system installation in its class, requiring the smallest deployed footprint and minimal maintenance.

Back to Back Installation

To provide 100% coverage, competing systems advise that sensor beams should be overlapped. This creates a large installation footprint and can double the amount of mounting and cabling materials required.

HALO solves this problem.

Deadzone Coverage

infra red

Each HALO node contains its own blind spot coverage, which uses active Infra-Red (IR) sensors to provide detection coverage up to 2.5m from each sensor.

lower cost

This means that HALO nodes can be installed back to back requiring only 1 mounting pole per 2 nodes, reducing the costs for installation, the time required for setup and the install footprint.

One Cable – Power Over Ethernet

HALO nodes have been optimised to ensure the lowest possible power consumption. Nodes can be powered using POE (Power over Ethernet) meaning that each node may be operated with only one cable to provide power and data transfer.

Communications via HALO are based on the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) which is readily used by access control systems.

Reducing the cost of ownership

Minimal Nuisance Call Outs

HALO ensures that the nuisance alarm rate and associated man power is kept as low as possible. Intelligent DSP ensures that problematic triggers such as wildlife and environmental factors reduce the number of nuisance alarms.

Remote Configuration and Maintenance

HALO may be configured and maintained remotely by the installer using dedicated Control software.

Install using existing infrastructure

HALO is equipped to work using existing infrastructure. The system supports RS485, relay integration and CAT 5/6.


HALO offers the lowest cost of system installation in its class, requiring the smallest deployed footprint and minimal maintenance.

Open Integration – OSDP – Secure

HALO communicates using the “OPEN SUPERVISED DEVICE PROTOCOL” (OSDP- Secure). The protocol was developed by the Security Industry Association’s Access Control & Identity Group, with an aim to foster interoperability between security devices.



Each node contains an accelerometer and an optical tamper switch. Any attempt to physically interfere with a node will trigger an alarm.

Anti – Spoofing

HALO is impervious to spoofing and “Man In The Middle” attacks. The system operates a polling protocol that demands all packets are signed with a public key. Any attempt to spoof the system will result in an alarm trigger.


HALO is hardened to operate in tough environments. Weather proof, temperature tolerant, and vandal resistant, HALO is continuously and rigorously tested to comply with the toughest Certified Standards.

Vandal Resistant

HALO nodes are made from impact resistant polycarbonate and shatter proof nylon, they are supplied with stainless steel fixings.


Temperature Tested

HALO operates between -40 and 65 degrees Celsius.

Weather Proof

HALO nodes are approved to an IP65 standard meaning they are impervious to dust and water ingress.


HALO has attained the toughest approval, it is CE approved for EMC and R&TTE and has also achieved EN50130-4 Alarm System Standard.

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