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Advanced Perimeter Systems

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Advanced Perimeter Systems are a type of perimeter security equipment which use Digital Signal Processing to improve the efficiency of the system.

For example, Sensurity’s PID systems are built with the ability to continuously scan its environment and self-calibrate to changing environmental effects, therefore decreasing the likelihood of false alarms caused by environmental factors.

Our perimeter alarm systems are also built with the ability to provide information about the location and nature of a detected intrusion attempt.

The purpose of an Advanced Perimeter System is to detect intruders with high reliability while ignoring irrelevant intrusion events. This means that systems are able to ignore detection of foliage, debris, small animals, or heavy weather conditions crossing the perimeter detection zone.

Moreover, each advanced perimeter system has a unique value proposition and characteristics. A solution can differ in sense of the size of the detection zone, the sensitivity of the solution, the accuracy of the solution, the installation footprint and cost of the solution. Examples include:

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