Usually Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems that use advances in perimeter security technology to provide some information about the location and nature of an intrusive event. Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems that use advances in perimeter intrusion detection technology and are adaptive to environmental change. The purpose of an advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection System is to detect intruders with high reliability while ignoring irrelevant intrusion events. This means that systems are able to deflect alarms from foliage, debris, small animals, heavy weather conditions or vehicles crossing the perimeter detection zone. Moreover, each advanced perimeter system has it's unique value proposition and characteristics. A solution can differ in sense of the size of the detection zone, the sensitivity of the solution, the accuracy of the solution and cost of the solution. Several perimeter protection solutions in this category include:

The Result

The result of Advanced Perimeter Systems as an integrated perimeter protection solution is an extra layer of security for the perimeter. Nowadays, perimeters face the difficulty of dealing with false alarms. Ultimately a perimeter is protected with a minimum false alarm rate but with the highest level of detection. Therefore, the ultimate solution may be sought through integrating Advanced Perimeter Systems with a fencing or CCTV solution. Further, an organization wants to detect as well as protect their perimeter. For more info about how to detect as well as protect your perimeter against threats from outside, have a look at one of our case studies to see how perimeter protection is established through integrating Microwave Intrusion Detection with a fencing solution. View case study 'Almac Manufacturing Organisation'.

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