Vigil protects Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Ports in United Arab Emirates

Vigil protects Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Ports in United Arab Emirates

Part Perimeter Port Facility

  • United Arab Emirates
  • >800m

Our partner Panoptech have installed VIGIL over two project phases to protect part of the perimeter of one of the locations of RAK Ports in the United Arab Emirates. While operating successfully as part of a multi-function perimeter, Vigil has also delivered on the continuous stability of microwave intrusion detection capability by operating in extreme temperatures in excess of 50 degree's centigrade.

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The Problem

At one of their locations, this customer had significant perimeter intrusion gaps given variations in chain link fencing with walls and aluminium panel/barrier configurations.  To add to the degree of difficulty for microwave beam transmission there are also a large number of placed rocks and concrete blocks acting as a further protective barrier in the sterile area.  Crane attachments would also be frequently deposited and re-positioned to add to the perimeter assessment complexity.

Project Needs

  • Sophisticated Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) covering a total perimeter of >800m.
  • Ability to operate successfully in close proximity to metal fencing, large aluminium panels and other metal objects.
  • Adjusted algorithm filtering out smaller moving objects in the line of sight of the PID systems.
  • Cost efficient solution requiring minimum maintenance and installation cost.

The Solution

This would not normally be the most ideal environment for the installation of a Microwave Detection System given the presence of large amounts of aluminium panels and other metal but careful placement of Sensurity’s VIGIL Transmitters and Receivers plus a very intuitive approach to adjustments in the microwave signal pathways and intelligent analytics has delivered a stable working solution ensuring intruders are detected with 99.9% probability in this challenging environment.
VIGIL at RAK Ports close to fenceVIGIL at RAK Ports close to concrete blockVIGIL perimeter protection at RAK Ports

The Result

The customer is pleased with the delivery of an effective relatively low-cost solution to improve perimeter protection without requiring significant re-construction or additional civil work and one that works well in a changing and challenging environment. Moreover, the equipment of the 4 Vigil systems assured maximum security over a >800m perimeter while capable of filtering out smaller moving objects in the line of sight of the intrusion detection systems.

For further information on this Case Study or any other related topic please contact Sensurity on or +44 (0) 28 9039 4270.

Panoptech can also be contacted via (Head Office +44 1252 812055 or alternatively Soncell International in UAE on +971 431 171 74:
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