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Container Port

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Our Dutch partner, Hexta Terreinbeveiliging & Hekwerk, is a leading fencing and access gate control supplier to a broad range of customers. One of Hexta's customers is a prominent shipping and logistics operator in the Netherlands.

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The Problem

The customer operates a riverside container port with a high volume of container traffic going in and out of the location each day. With so much open space within the fixed perimeter of the port, the customer wanted to isolate containers in a special open area and ensure any unauthorised personnel would be detected and the alarm sounded during periods when the lift trucks were not in operation and especially overnight.

HALO perimeter security system at container port

The Solution

This presented a significant challenge to Sensurity in selecting the best product and gathering sufficient data to ensure a working outcome.  A specific algorithm was designed and tested to be able to accommodate the reaction of the Microwave security beams within constant shifting and changing “metal” landscape of containers within the defined area.

The Result

This algorithm was installed in Sensurity’s HALO product to provide a stable detection capability to alert the customer to unauthorised intruders over exposed open space close to high value assets.

HALO Perimeter security system next to fence

For further information on this Case Study or any other related topic, please contact Sensurity on or +44 (0) 28 9039 4270.

Hexta Terreinbeveiliging & Hekwerk may also be contacted via or alternatively at +31 (0) 71 40 90 777

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