Alcoholic Beverage Distribution Centre

Alcoholic Beverage Distribution Centre

Front and Rear Entrances - Large Warehouse

  • The Netherlands
  • Vigil
  • <100m

Our Dutch partner, Hexta Terreinbeveiliging & Hekwerk, is a leading fencing and access gate supplier to a broad range of customers throughout the Netherlands. One of Hexta's customers is a prominent alcoholic beverage distributor in the Brabant region. This customer was in need of a perimeter detection system that would eradicate criminal activity.

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The Problem

At one of their locations, this customer was experiencing a high number of costly overnight criminal intrusion events through both their front and rear warehouse entrances, despite frequent security patrols and fixed cameras in the immediate area. A quick, low cost solution was needed to eradicate the problem

Both the front and rear entrances are well protected by screened fencing, rolling gates and razor wire.  In addition, there were significant amounts of metal in the immediate entrance areas such as shipping containers, building cladding and vehicles.


VIGIL perimeter detection system placed among containers

The Solution

Normally, this would not be the most ideal environment for the installation of a Microwave Perimeter Detection System but through careful placement of Sensurity’s VIGIL Transmitters and Receivers plus a very comprehensive approach to adjustments in the microwave signal pathways and intelligent analytics, a stable working solution was found to ensure human intruders would be detected with a high degree of probability regardless of entry mechanism.

VIGIL perimeter detection system

The Result

A direct detection alert to the security management company now provides security patrols with greater speed and accuracy in reaching the location.  This has worked very effectively to significantly reduce attempted intrusions by organised crime for this client.

perimeter detection sign


For further information on this Case Study or any other related topic please contact Sensurity on or +44 (0) 28 9039 4270.

Hexta Terreinbeveiliging & Hekwerk can also be contacted via or alternatively: +31 (0) 71 40 90 777


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