GSM with Solar Panel Solution

GSM with Solar Panel Solution

Problem Perimeter Area

  • UK
  • HALO
  • 150m

A remote site with no option to run power or data cables to the perimeter, required perimeter protection of a 150M section of the perimeter at its fenceline. The fence was of poor quality and medium levels of foliage existed in the vacinity.

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The Problem

Sensurity investigated a number of solutions including transmission of the data using wifi – however due to the low levels of sunlight during the winter months a simpler GSM solution was employed to minimise the power draw of the system.

The Solution

The Sensurity Halo units were installed on a palisade fence at the rear of the property approximately 150M apart.  One unit was mounted to the fence whilst it’s paired unit was attached to a freestanding pole. Both units were connected to batteries charged via the solar panels.

To transmit the alarm data without the use of cables a simple Quad Band GSM Relay board and Auto-dialler with two inputs A and B which were connected to Relay 1 on the Receiver unit to allow the transmission of alarms to a mobile phone via text message. In the event of an alarm Relay 1 is activated which activated an input on the relay board. Once the input was activated an SMS was sent to the number(s) to signal an intrusion.

The Result

The units have been fully functioning without any power loss or false alarms.

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