DHL Logistics Centre

DHL Logistics Centre

Small perimeter logistics centre

  • Netherlands
  • HALO
  • > 500m

A DHL Logistics Depot required a more robust perimeter security solution to secure valuable inventory and personnel from external threats. On a day to day basis, DHL is responsible for handling client orders and shipment of valuable inventory. As such, potential theft and vandalism during non-operational hours could do harm not only to client service provision but also to DHL's relationship with its customers. Therefore, it was important to complement their existing security provision with an extra layer of detection capability.

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The problem

DHL recognised the requirement to enhance security measures in order to protect valuable client inventory and DHL personnel from criminal intent not discouraged by the existing security which consisted primarily of a wired fence with razor wire. This made the perimeter extremely vulnerable to intruders who could potentially cut through, climb over or crawl under the existing fence in certain blind spots. There was a clear and definitive need to ensure all attempts to penetrate the location could be detected and the event communicated to the security reaction team.
Perimeter security logistics centre DHL Netherlands

Project needs

The primary need was for total detection capability close to the perimeter fence of the location.  A secondary need was the effective and intelligent differentiation of intrusion events identified to ensure absolute accuracy of the information communicated to the Security Service provider so that they reacted confidently and swiftly to true human intrusions.

The solution

Sensurity’s Dutch distribution partner, Hexta Terreinbeveiliging & Hekwerk, conducted a complete assessment of the site together with their overall Security Service provider for the location.  A recommendation was made to install Sensurity’s HALO Microwave Intrusion Detection System, which creates a “virtual and invisible wall” of detection capability around the required perimeter. The solution consists of 4 HALO systems covering each of the entire 4 perimeter lengths which would alert during any unauthorised entry by any human walking, running, crawling or rolling through the alert zone. Further, the HALO systems are capable of differentiating between intrusion types whereby significant weather events or small animal intrusions could be filtered not to create an alarm on a consistent basis, effectively reducing false alarm events.

The result

The client was satisfied with an enhanced layer of security that would safeguard the location 24/7 and would provide intelligent detection and assignment of intrusion events. Furthermore, DHL could rely on perimeter intrusion detection systems that would withstand the smartest of burglary methodology and they could also foresee a long-term product deployment and lifespan.
HALO microgolf detectie DHLHALO Sensurity DHL

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If you want to know more about this case study, please contact Sensurity on or +44 (0) 28 9039 4270.

Hexta Terreinbeveiliging & Hekwerk can also be contacted via or phone: +31 (0) 71 409 0777

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