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PIDS Case Study: Sports Stadium Venue Vandalism Protection

by Aug 16, 2019

The Challenge

Napier City Council made the decision to undertake a major renovation of the McLean Sports Stadium following problems with their drainage system. The council, who manage the stadium directly, had to postpone all international matches until the work was complete. Therefore, the project not only cost an impressive $5 million, but it also carried some reputational risks. This left the council under pressure to prove the investment was worthwhile and could perform to the standards expected by international cricket and rugby associations.

During and following renovation, Napier City Council were extremely worried about thieves or vandals potentially doing damage to the new grounds. This worry intensified as the stadium received confirmation that they would be hosting their first international cricket match in two years. The match between New Zealand and India was scheduled for 23rd January 2019. If something went wrong with the grounds before the match, causing the match to be rescheduled or relocated, it would be a disaster for the council, the stadium, and New Zealand cricket.

The council approached Diarmuid Ruddle from Sensurity’s New Zealand partner, Eastek. Diarmuid was asked to complete a full security audit on the grounds and suggest the strongest intruder security system deployable in the circumstances.

The challenge as Diarmuid saw it was that traditionally when the sensitivity of intruder alert systems is increased, the likelihood of false alarms also increased. The perimeter alarm system would pick up on every little intruder signature and trigger an alarm – regardless of whether the signature was human, animal, thrown object or even just weather effects.

However, Diarmuid had recently become a distribution partner for Sensurity’s HALO, so he not only had a highly accurate intruder alert system in his arsenal – he had an intelligent system.

The Solution

Smart Radar Perimeter Detection

Sensurity’s HALO operates at the lowest radar frequency on the market (5.8 GHz) ensuring that it detects the slightest changes in the radar wave. Then Digital Signal Processing is used to intelligently decide whether the signature belongs to an intruder or something innocent.

In other words, HALO has the capability to detect everything, but the intelligence to only trigger alarms in real intrusion events.


Sensurity HALO was installed at McLean Sports stadium as the primary method of intruder detection, given the confidence instilled in the stadium’s managers by HALO’s 99.9% probability of detection.

To ensure timely and efficient response to HALO’s intruder alerts, the intruder alert system was integrated with pan-tilt-zoom security cameras. In the event of a HALO intruder alarm, the cameras would home in on the intrusion area and feed live footage back to Eastek’s remote security monitoring centre.

Eastek’s closest on-the-road patrol would be dispatched to the stadium immediately.

The Outcome

Zero undetected intrusions to date and no successful attempts at vandalism

Sensurity HALO and Eastek have went above and beyond expectations in securing McLean stadium to date. There have been zero undetected intrusions, zero false alarms and most importantly absolutely no damage has been done to the new grounds.

The match proceeded on the 23rd January to great reviews from players and enthusiasts. India won by eight wickets.

HALO will continue to protect the stadium, ensuring the legacy of international sports in Napier continues, and discussions are underway to install more HALO devices within the grounds.

Pictured: The India and New Zealand international cricket teams battle on the new grounds.

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