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Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems For…


Retail items are among the most lucrative to thieves and therefore commercial sites are common targets for breaking and entering. Whether a break-in is opportunistic or well-planned, they are each caused by one thing – a visible chink in your perimeter security armour.

The pre-programmed movement of pan-tilt-zoom cameras can quickly be recognised and fences at approx. three metres in height are deterrents at best.

On the other hand, Sensurity devices use an unbroken, invisible beam of detection up to ten metres in height! This makes it practically impossible for intruders to get over, under or around the beam without detection.

100% coverage, 100% of the time.

Pictured: Sensurity VIGIL protecting a distribution centre in The Netherlands.



In many countries it is a legal requirement for industrial sites to have high levels of intruder detection to protect the health and safety of everybody on-site, as well as the general public who could be at risk by using tampered products.

Regardless of what country you manufacture in, you are liable to follow this law for every country you sell to. With so much at risk, only the most reliable intruder detection coverage will give you the peace of mind you need.

Sensurity devices use an unbroken, invisible beam of detection up to ten metres in height! This makes it practically impossible for intruders to get over, under or around the beam without detection.

With 100% coverage on your perimeter, you can be assured that your expensive equipment, costly goods and even dangerous substances are out of reach of intruders.


Prison Services

Perimeter security is your last line of defence between correction facilities and the public. HALO provides the most advanced detection on the market. When considering the safety of your charges and the public, it is unlikely you would settle for anything less.

An remarkably low false alarm rate ensures your vital staff are not distracted from their jobs unnecessarily.

  • Prisons / Correctional facilities
  • Jails
  • Juvenile detention centres


In organising an event you have a duty of care to protect the attendees and performers. Sensurity temporary and rapid deployment solutions provide a perimeter security system which is fast and easy to set up, but most importantly it is highly reliable.

You’ll also want to protect your profits and reputation by ensuring non-ticket holders and banned substances cannot access the event. Keep patrol guards accountable by using Sensurity UNIVERSE to allocate intrusion alerts to mobile devices, and view intrusion locations on a map overlay.


As a transportation provider you have a duty of care for the public who use and are in proximity to your services. This does, however, also include intruders who enter you site maliciously.

Whether protecting your site, vehicles and equipment from theft or vandalism, or protecting your intruders from the damage they could do to themselves on your site, you can’t afford any less than the best intruder detection equipment.


Health facilities provide services to some of the most vulnerable members of our society and therefore their protection is of paramount importance. When facing health concerns, many people are not in the best state of mind and therefore may put themselves or the public in danger.

HALO can be used to alert healthcare providers when a patient has left the grounds of the institute to ensure speedy recovery of the vulnerable person.

  • Hospitals
  • Psychiatric facilities


Utilities sites can be any mixture of large, remote and highly dangerous. They are attractive to thieves of materials and cabling, and increasingly power itself. The remote nature of these sites often makes them an easy, and highly costly, target of anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

Integrating Sensurity products with responsive lights and sound alarms provide timely deterrents without causing light or sound pollution on remote sites.

Combined with Sensurity UNIVERSE, the system can send intrusion alerts to mobile devices and show the intrusion location on a map of your site to assist in the fastest response times even on large perimeters.

Pictured: Sensurity HALO protecting a solar farm in Sicily.

  • Electric power plants
  • Mines and refineries
  • Wind farms
  • Solar farms (Case Study)
  • Water and wastewater sites
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Natural gas sites
  • Hydroelectric dams
  • Communications networks
  • Chemical plants
  • Oil and gas sites
  • Phone masts

Military & Government

With permanent, temporary and rapid deployment perimeter intruder detection systems, Sensurity products provide the versatility required for military and government projects. Whether protecting high-worth technologies such as an aircraft on a runway, protecting a VIP politician at a political event, or protecting your country’s border – Sensurity is the solution.

Pictured: US soldiers remove barbed wire from the US-Mexico border following public safety concerns.

High Worth

HALO’s detection zone cannot be seen or felt. The covert nature of HALO makes it practically impossible to dodge but most importantly, it ensures your security system is essentially invisible and the beauty of your building and grounds are maintained.

  • Estate home
  • Gated community
  • Vacation property
  • Luxury hotel
  • Church / religious building
  • Historical and ancient site
  • Listed building
  • Museum


The determinable occupation hours of schools and universities, particularly over school holidays, makes them a target for theft, anti-social behaviour and vandalism. Not only can this be costly to the institutions and the taxpayers who fund public education, but it can devastate students’ ability to learn if significant damage is done by intruders.

During open hours HALO assists in safeguarding children by ensuring unauthorised personnel do not enter the grounds and children do not leave the grounds without permission.

Sensurity HALO bridges the gaps between deterrents, detection and detainment by integrating with on-site sound alarms, security lighting, and ensuring timely responses through integration with Sensurity UNIVERSE alarm management software.

Most importantly, HALO’s detection zone can not be seen or felt. The covert nature of HALO makes it practically impossible to dodge but most importantly, it ensures site aesthetics are maintained for the enjoyment of staff, students and the community.

Animal Safety

Where animals are concerned it is equally important to protect the animals from people as it is to protect people from the animals.

Sensurity HALO works on all fronts at once – detection of escaped animals, detection of unauthorised hunters or thieves, and detection of people who have accidentally entered an animal’s habitat.

At up to 10m in height with zero deadzones, HALO provides full detection for large animals and humans alike.

  • Wildlife parks
  • Zoos
  • Nature / Wildlife reserves


If you think there’s a “slight chance” HALO can save your site from malicious intruders, you should enquire about installation today.

You can try HALO and see if it’s right for your site over 90 days. No guess work needed. Use the system and see for yourself.

If it isn't right for you, email us at [email protected] within 90 days of installation and we’ll uninstall the system and give you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

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