Sensurity Intelligent Perimeter Security

Established in 2012, we strive to raise the standards for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) to provide more reliable security solutions across a broad range of applications. With significant advances in perimeter security around the world on the rise, there is a need for integrated security solutions where stand-alone solutions such as fences or camera analytics are no longer sufficient. Sensurity is delivering on the promise of enhancing perimeter security and offers advanced microwave intrusion detection systems to raise the standards for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems and integrate with security solutions on a global scale.

Why Sensurity?

Find out how companies around the world depend on Sensurity for their Perimeter Security solutions. Sensurity provides high precision Microwave Intrusion Detection for continuous security along perimeters. Robust, adaptive and smart security solutions are at your fingertips. 

New Generation Security

Our Next Generation Microwave Intrusion Detection Systems use advances in operating frequency, digital signal processing and use of a planar antenna array to create an expandable virtual wall that can reach a length of 200M and height of 10M at optimal deployment between a single transmitter and receiver.

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Nuisance Alarm Filtering

After ground breaking research at the Queens University Belfast our systems were developed with state of the art software and algorithm adjustments that intelligently analyses the intrusion event to determine it's precise nature. This provides precision perimeter detection everywhere at anytime.

Attractive Total Cost of Ownership

Considering the cost of hardware, installation, power and maintenance of our PIDS, we deliver unparalleled security while keeping the Total Cost of Ownership low.

Versatile Integration

Our systems are OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) compliant allowing integration between multiple security devices. They offer seamless integration with POE capability, relay integration, RS458 and CAT 5/6. An ideal solution for existing and new security infrastructure.

Visual perimeter security

Markets we serve 

Sensurity is dedicated to raising the standards for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems. We offer Microwave Intrusion Detection Systems that integrate with existing security barriers and provide precise detection security for perimeters of clients.

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